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Certificate Management Solutions (CMS) provides you with software or outsourcing solutions to efficiently track and monitor your certificates of insurance (COIs).

Certs Made Simple

Our proprietary software—Certs Made Simple—was developed in conjunction with risk management, purchasing and technology professionals.

The ease and cost efficiencies that can be realized through technology and outsourcing are substantial.

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Certificate of insurance software from CMS.

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Avoid Lawsuits - Keep Your Insurance Certificates Organized

Certs Made Simple records the COI data and validates the information based upon your insurance requirements.

  • If any requirement is not met, a letter is issued to the named insured detailing the areas the COI is not in compliance and the necessary corrections.
  • Our system also automatically sends letters prior to the expiration of policies and requests a renewed COI.

Certificates of Insurance (COIs)

When a company enters a business agreement with a third party, the contract often requires proof of insurance in the form of a COI. The COI must display types of coverage and limits required by the business agent, and at times the company named as an additional insured on one or more policies. Usually the COI is presented with the contract, but then stored in a file, never to be thought of again.

Manage Risk

The business landscape has become litigious and lawsuits against companies for minor infractions have increased. As companies no longer want to assume the risk for negligence of third parties, monitoring COIs on an ongoing basis is vital. The larger the organization, the greater the chance of lawsuits and the more the organization must monitor COIs. Companies are often penalized financially because of negligence. It is the primary responsibility of risk management, finance/treasury, purchasing, legal and real estate departments to protect their companies' assets.

  • Purchasing
  • Risk
  • Property
  • Medical
  • Legal
  • Safety
  • Management
  • Finance

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