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Insurance Tracking that is 100% USA based.

Leave it to the experts at CMS. We are the most experienced certificate tracking provider and the industry cost-leader.

  • Minimize Risk
  • Reduce Exposure
  • Ensure Compliance
  • Faster
  • More visibility
  • Scalable

You can trust CMS to manage the entire process of soliciting, validating and electronically storing your incoming certificates of insurance.

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The Benefits of Outsourcing COIs to CMS

• Comprehensive certificate tracking solution
• Consistently administered program increases compliance
• Minimize the chance of assuming risk
• Reduces labor, benefits and overhead expenses
• Reduces exposure
• Reduces claims expenses
• Enforce company wide compliance to financial standards
• Protect Insurance/Self-insurance programs from claims generated by business partners
• Promote Risk Management awareness, expertise in the field
• Contribute to organization's Sarbane-Oxley Compliance program
• Demonstrates to Insurance Carriers and other 3rd Parties that the client has implemented an Automated Proactive Plan and Process Companywide.
• Fully outsourced approach • Frees resources to focus on other work related areas
• Reduces internal expenses
• Gives the client flexibility and allows for concentration on higher value activities
• Permanent image history
• Instant Internet access
• Reduces document storage requirements
• Allows immediate access to past history and information
• Client HQ has visibility of all data
• Provides documentation for legal action to transfer risk
• Automated coverage deficiency notifications • Reduces deficiencies and exposure • Enables client to manage Intervention lists
• Automated Management reporting • Improves visibility to compliance status
• Provides visibility to problem areas
• Assists Purchasing in ranking vendors
• Flexible system adaptability to business changes • Reduces reliance on internal systems/IT
• Accommodates change
• Requirement Sets can be adjusted by Risk Mgmt to adjust for client needs.
• Scalable process
• Carriers are monitored • Carrier solvency  

Experienced. Time-Tested. Trusted.

Faster, More Compliant
Minimize risk with time-tested systems.
Mobile-Ready Login
Access COIs and reports from anywhere.
Save Money - Reduce Costs
We are the industry cost-leader.
Cloud-Based Service
Cutting-edge technology and support.
Extensive Reporting
Report templates based on your requirements.
More Efficient
Automate and improve the tracking process.


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