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If you’ve tried tracking your certificates of insurance internally, you probably realize that it’s not a simple process. As your company grows, you just don't have the manpower, computer systems or insurance expertise to manage your certificates effectively. Insurance certificate tracking is perfect for outsourcing.

  • Purchasing
  • Risk
  • Property
  • Medical
  • Legal
  • Safety
  • Management
  • Finance

You can trust CMS to manage the entire process of soliciting, validating and electronically storing your incoming certificates of insurance.

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Insurance certificate tracking.
Easily tracking Acord forms with CMS

Professional Insurance Tracking Services

Review of Existing Insurance Requirements
We will review the existing insurance requirements that you are placing on your vendors, to ensure proper coverage. We will work with you to generate the correspondence necessary to properly communicate this information to your vendors.

Generation of Custom Reports
We archive your information and generate custom reports for you to view the pertinent information within our system. This is very important for national or international companies.

Digital Archiving of Information
Our goal is to help you achieve a paperless office. We can index information that you already have and provide it digitally for future reference.

Risk Management Consulting
We have access to a full risk management consulting staff to assist companies or government entities in evaluating their business processes and needs.

Business Practices Review
We can help you document your business practices and review those for compliance. We have internal and external personnel that are willing to assist you with your risk management practice review. We work with affiliated Risk Management Consultants or other groups as required.

Experienced. Time-Tested. Trusted.

Faster, More Compliant
Minimize risk with time-tested systems.
Mobile-Ready Login
Access COIs and reports from anywhere.
Save Money - Reduce Costs
We are the industry cost-leader.
Cloud-Based Service
Cutting-edge technology and support.
Extensive Reporting
Report templates based on your requirements.
More Efficient
Automate and improve the tracking process.

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