Issue Your Own Insurance Certificates

Issue certificates to your clients - electronically, no paper!

Our Certificate Issuance program ensures proper, timely release of insurance certificates to your clients. The service is ideal for:

  • Large companies with thousands of requests from various departments, but not a centralized processing center
  • Organizations that have captives
  • Self-insured corporations
  • Companies with high insurance retentions

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Easily tracking Acord forms with CMS

How it works

  1. Your company can generate its own certificates. The certificate of insurance is generated by logging onto your personalized web page within our system, selecting the template, specifying the certificate holder information and issuing the certificate through e-mail or fax.
  2. Password protection can give specified individuals within your organization the ability to produce certificates via the Internet and release it themselves.
  3. A record of all certificates issued are maintained within our system and viewable over the Internet.

Online Data Access

Certs Made Simple provides 24-hour access to certificate information, images and reports.

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