Software Pricing & Value

Certs Made Simple is designed to be the industry's cost-leader. We want our clients to receive the best solution at the lowest possible price.

The costs of Certs Made Simple are minimal compared with the cost of internal system development or the cost of hiring staff to track COIs - not to mention the expense of assuming an unwanted risk for someone else's negligence.

Pricing is based upon projected named insured and projected COI volume. The per certificate price is multiplied by the estimated COIs. Software-only contracts include a software licensing fee. CMS offers special discounts on pricing for multi-year contracts and negotiates a one-time set-up fee based upon projected volume.

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Faster, More Compliant
Minimize risk with time-tested systems.
Mobile-Ready Login
Access certs and reports from anywhere.
Save Money - Reduce Costs
We are the industry cost-leader.
Cloud-Based Service
Cutting edge technology and support.
Extensive Reporting
Report templates based on your requirements.
More Efficient
Automate and improve the tracking process.